I wish to give my puppies the best beginning possible. So with that in mind, they are whelped and raised in my living room. They are handled and cuddled daily.
They spend their first weeks within close range of their mother and I. I socialize them as much as is safely possible and they are introduced to as many different sights, sounds and surfaces as I can safely give them. When old enough they spend time outdoors, weather permitting, but they always sleep inside.
Please come in....
Home of my "Cherished Friends"
Flat-Coated Retrievers are people dogs. They are very happy being close to their people and thrive when given attention and tasks to accomplish. They give so much in return; love, loyalty and
forever friendship.
I am a home based kennel and I only breed occasionally. So some years I don't have puppies at all. Please check my puppy page for litter information.
Tamturi means "Cherished Friend"
As my dogs are definitely my cherished friends, I thought the name appropriate for my kennel.
Welcome to . . .

Flat-Coated Retrievers