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 Originally bred to flush and retrieve both upland game and waterfowl, Flat-Coats transfer their determination, desire and verve on the hunting field to everyday life, enthusiastically participating in family activities and in the show, obedience and agility rings. Slightly racier and more moderate in bone than other retriever breeds, the Flat-Coat has a solid black or liver-colored coat that protects him from the elements and lies straight and flat.

Described by all who meet him as cheerful, optimistic and good-humored, the Flat-Coat excels as a family companion. He requires regular vigorous exercise, however, due to his working heritage. Dog sports such as obedience, agility and hunt tests provide both mental and physical exercise. Among Sporting breeds, the Flat-Coat is easy to maintain, needing only occasional brushing and bathing.

The Breed

Sockeye enjoys one of his favorite sports!
Often refered to as the Peter Pan of dogs, Flat-Coats mature slowly and often have you wondering "just how old are they?"
Taken from the AKC website
Amie enjoys her gingerbread man!
'Penny' AKA: Bone Collector

She’s usually next door (which is a long ways away) hanging out with their four dogs, and stealing the bones and chew chips. She’s the smallest of that group - one large Lab, one even larger German Shephard, one even larger Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and one humongous Malemute. (The Malemute is her “boyfriend.”) But she rules the roost. Those dogs all get giant bones to work on. When she first made their acquaintance, she would go over and bark in the face of one of them until it dropped the bone. She would snatch it and race back up to our place. Then she’d return and do that again and again until she had ALL the bones. Our back deck looked like a cow had been killed right there.
The neighbors began buying her HER OWN bone. She’d bring it home and then go back and steal all the rest. Fortunately they adore her too!"
Flat-Coated Retriever
Although his tail never stops wagging, the Flat-Coated Retriever is suited for hard work.
Mona: curious or food driven?
If I can't have treats, toys will do!
You told us Penny was the independent one of the B litter. You were dead on! She’s a wonderful dog, sweet and loving and SO smart. Learns any trick we teach her in no time at all. BUT when we call her, she comes running IF she happens to feel like it.
                    -- James Dodds
Adored by Tamturi's Brightshine Penelope
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The Flat-Coat is a cheerful, devoted companion who requires and appreciates living with and interacting as a member of his family. To reach full potential in any endeavor he absolutely must have a strong personal bond and affectionate individual attention.
The Flat-Coat is primarily a family companion hunting retriever. He is keen and birdy, flushing within gun range, as well as a determined, resourceful retriever on land and water. He has a great desire to hunt with self-reliance and an uncanny ability to adapt to changing circumstances on a variety of upland game and waterfowl.

As a family companion he is sensible, alert and highly intelligent; a lighthearted, affectionate and adaptable friend. He retains these qualities as well as his youthfully good-humored outlook on life into old age.
For more information see 'about Flat-Coated Retrievers' on the AKC website and view the Breed Standard.
Photo by Heather Dawson