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Ch Tamturi's Absolute Ebony RN
Loved by Jill in Seattle
Ebony is doing wonderful. I just love her and she is such a sweet girl. She has gained about 8 pounds and has really come out of her shell. She is not very shy anymore. She loves to sprint in the open fields of the park. When she is running fast she actually shows her teeth and smiles. Everyone always comments on how beautiful she is! I wish I could get a picture of her doing that. She also loves to swim. She actually gets in the water and squats down and then puts her head under water with her eyes open. The neighbor kids come over and we set up a course for her to go on. She can jump thru the hula hoop and runs in a large circle and jumps over a beam. She also loves to lie out on the grass in front of the beach. She has brought a lot of joy to my life.
- - - Jill
Tamturi's Ace of Spades Sockeye
Photographed and Loved by John in Albany, OR
Sockeye with his buddy Tuba
Sockeye learns about boating from his buddy Jed
 This is "classic Sockeye, wet to the bone and ready for more."
Salty Dog
Tamturi's A Mischievous Morgan
Loved and adored by Phyllis, in Portland
Morgan has IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and is now intolerant of almost all food. He has lost weight and is now 65 lbs, down from an all time high of 82. "For three years now, I've tried everything I can to help him. He's progressed with grace and dignity and that flattie personality. I so adore this dog, Linda"
"Morgan has a few more things on his bucket list. We definitely need to get to the coast 1-2 more times, and I need to have some photo sessions with him. He also has a few play dates planned with his canine buds."
"We are blessed with Morgan every day still. He is my smiling, happy boy. His tail still wags constantly." --- Phyllis Boyer
January 2014
Amie loves rompin' in the snow when winter comes to Castle Rock, CO
" I lived on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for 11 years, and frequented an outside bar called the Salty Dog. Their mascot is a black dog with a yellow hat. We were visiting a couple of years ago and I learned that Jake (the mascot) is a flat coat! When we went to France last summer, we got a gift bag that included a yellow hat just like Jake’s. So, I took a picture of Amie and posted it on their website."
"A" is for Awesome, Adorable, Audacious . . .
CH Valley Crest Mona Lisa Angel "MONA" X CH Valley Crest The Gambler "BRADY"
Whelped May 24, 2006
Tamturi's Admiration Accepted
"We have moved to a town just south of Denver, called Castle Rock. We live on a cul-de-sac, and Amie is the belle of the ball down here. The cul-de-sac is packed with kids. They love her so much that they come to the door and ask if she can come out and play! She has such a sweet and wonderful disposition that all of the kids trust her implicitly to play. Not to say that she isn't a flat coat. She gets what we call the "crazies" in the house! She was such a serious girl when we first brought her home. And now she is quite the clown.
Loved by Mary Kay Monville and Eric Fredrickson