"C" is for Cute, Curious, Capricious . . .
Hunter dressed for Halloween
Tamturi's Curtis Gilbert
Beloved of Linda Givler in Seattle
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Hunter has commandeered Linda's bed in Seattle, WA, or has he?
Tamturi's Catch The Wind
Loved by Dan & Denise in Kent, WA
Tamturi's Classic Onyx
Adored by Richard & Chris in Snohomish, WA
  "Ebony continues to soar through life with great exuberance, spreading joy wherever she lands. She has added 'Horseshow Dog' to her list of activities and is a great traveler as well. Open the truck door and she's in there!." - Richard
CH Valley Crest Mona Lisa's Angel "MONA" X CH Whazthat's Across The Stars CD RE "JEDI"
Whelped April 13, 2011
Tamturi's Catch A Falling Star
Loved by Mike and Carissa of Mt Vernon,Wa