"E" is for Enchanting, Excessive, Eager . . .
Engaging, Eclectic, Energized . . . . .
Whelped June 15, 2016
Six Week Old Pictures
Blaze with his new buddy at home in Sumner, WA
with Jeff and Jessica
Blaze starting his field training
Just wanted to let you know that Heidi has settled in nicely. She took to her crate the first night and only woke me a couple of times to go outside. She loves the “Snuggle Puppy” (soft toy with heartbeat that simulates the mom’s) that I got her for her crate. It really helped to settle her in, and he comes out to play in the mornings. We had lots of play time over the weekend, including splashing around in the paddling pool and digging in Jackson’s hole. Jackson is still a little bit aloof, but they have been seen sharing a dog bed and drinking from the same water bowl. He seems perfectly okay with her sharing the toys, bones, antlers etc. that he has lying around the house.
She is an adorable little thing and so smart. Favorite place for a nap during the day is on top of one of the air conditioning vents or under the kitchen table, and she is going to make a very good “kitchen supervisor” just like Jackson! She already knows her name and will come to Dennis’s whistle.
Thank you again for such a great job and we will keep in touch with her progress. -- Maggie & Dennis
                                                                      Richland, WA
At 11 weeks, Bowie finds her first duck!
She lives with Jessica and Sean
in Bothell, WA
Emmy, formerly Ms Yellow, plays with her big sister and aunt Lucky, in Sun Valley, ID.
Turns out Lucky is Ronin's sister.
-- Peggy Baker
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Emmy catching up to Lucky in size.
Bowie has a playday with her half brother Coulson, who is ten days older than she is. Coulson lives with his dad, Ronin, and Lura Dunn and David.
Blaze goes duck hunting!